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4 Benefits of Renting a Dumpster

you ever spent a day driving back and forth to the dump, loading and
unloading truck bed after truck bed of garbage? You know how
time-consuming and physically exhausting this can be – avoid ever
having to do it again by renting a dumpster for your next project.
are four benefits of rental dumpsters.

1. Convenient solution
for large projects.

If you have a home renovation, demolition, or landscaping project on
the horizon, dumpster rentals are the perfect waste disposal
solution. Your garbage cans will not be large enough to hold all the
trash you generate, but a rental dumpster will.

2. Avoid the hassles
of your local landfill.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just show up at your local
landfill and dump all of your garbage there. You need a permit (which
usually costs money), and you need to be aware of dumping laws and
regulations. Failure to abide by these rules could result in a hefty

3. It’s simple and

Many homeowners choose to rent a dumpster because it is a simple and
easy process. Just call a local rental provider (such as 866 We Junk It), set a delivery date, and fill up your container. When you are
done, we will haul the dumpster away and you never have to worry
about it again.

4. Save time and gas.

Even our smallest containers can hold the same amount of materials as
several truck beds. Renting a dumpster saves you the time and energy
of making several trips to the dump. After accounting for labor and
gas prices, it’s easy to see why dumpsters are not only convenient,
but cost-effective as well.
866 We Junk It provides dumpster rentals and junk removal services to
Long Island, Queens, and New York City. With container sizes of 5,
10, 15, 20, and 30 cubic yards, we are sure to have the size that is
perfect for your project. Call 866-935-8654 for a free quote, or fill
out our online dumpster rental form.
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5 Items Your Garbage Company Won’t Collect

One problem that still faces many
homeowners is the process of getting rid of large quantities of junk.
Take these five items for example, your normal garbage company
probably won’t pick them up.

1. Old Furniture

Got an old couch you want to get rid
of? Don’t leave it out on your curb, chances are your garbage
company won’t pick it up. Your best bets are breaking it up into
small pieces or donating it to a local Goodwill.

2. Car Tires

Old car tires are too big to throw away
in the garbage, too heavy to bag, and unless you have high-powered
tools, too difficult to break down. Recycle them instead, tire rubber
can be used in turf fields, playgrounds, and sneakers.

3. Appliances

Appliances are simply too big to throw
away, and some of them contain hazardous materials that can’t be
deposited into a landfill. Refrigerators, for example, must be
properly drained of their refrigerant before they can be thrown away
or recycled.

4. Roofing/Construction Materials

Did you recently re-shingle your roof,
or do another large-scale home improvement project? If your
contractor doesn’t include waste disposal as part of their job, you
could be stuck getting rid of tons (literally) of garbage and
materials yourself.

5. Anything Not Bagged Up

No matter what you are trying to throw
away, you better make sure it’s bagged up. Even the smallest,
simplest of items will be turned down if they aren’t packaged
If you live on Long Island or in New
York City, you don’t have to depend on your town collection service
to dispose of these items. 866-We-Junk it provides dumpster rentals
and junk removal services to Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the
five boroughs. Call us for a free quote at 866-935-8654, or contact us online.
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Rent a Dumpster or Hire Professional Junk Removers? The Pros and Cons of Each

Do you
have a big project on the horizon? One that will generate large
amounts of waste? Getting rid of this junk is something you will have
to consider, and most homeowners are left with two options: rent a
dumpster or hire a junk removal service.
which option is the best for you? Well, it depends on a variety of
factors such as the type of project, the kind of waste being
disposed, your budget, and personal preferences. Both options offer
their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, which we will cover
in this article.

Dumpster Rentals

process of renting a dumpster is easy. Just call up a local service
and set up a delivery date. You fill the dumpster up as you go, and
call them back to haul it away. It’s that simple.
  • Easy, convenient process
  • You set the pick-up date, so there is no hard deadline
  • Good for projects that may last several days or weeks
  • Eliminates the process of driving back and forth to the local dump
  • More work than junk removers because you have to fill the dumpster
    on your own
  • Not all items can go in a dumpster. Click here to learn about

Professional Junk

using a professional junk removal service, you are paying them to
take on the burden of moving and disposing of your garbage. They will
come to your house and remove whatever you request – the only time
you have to lift a finger is when you call them.
  • No heavy lifting is required by the customer
  • Good for getting rid of a few heavy items that you can’t move on
    your own
  • Your trash will be properly disposed of – whether that means
    thrown away or recycled
  • Big projects with lots of junk can result in high costs
866 We Junk It provides both dumpster rentals and junk removal
services to Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and
Staten Island. Call 866-935-8654 for a free quote or fill out this form online to get started.
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How to Get Rid of Old Furniture and Appliances

Do you
have an old couch, stove, or refrigerator that you no longer have a
need for? Large items such as these can take up a lot of precious
space in your home, so most people want to get rid of them as soon as
they can.
you can’t fit a large appliance or piece of furniture in your garbage
can, and most town collection services are not willing to pick these
items up. So what can you do?

Donate It

If your
sofa isn’t torn to shreds, or your washing machine is still in
working condition, consider donating it to a local charity or
Goodwill. Not only are you freeing up space in your home and getting
rid of an unwanted item, you are helping those in need in your local

Hire a Professional

appliances and furniture can weigh several hundreds of pounds, and we
are not all physically equipped to be able to move these on our own.
Luckily, professional services exist to lift the burden off your
shoulders. For example, 1-866-We-Junk-It will come to your home,
remove any of your unwanted items for you, and take care of disposing
them properly.

Throw It Away Yourself

If you
don’t want to donate your furniture or hire a professional service,
you will be tasked with getting rid of it yourself. This isn’t as
easy as it sounds. Take refrigerators for example: you can’t just
throw one in the bed of your truck, drive to your local landfill, and
dump it. They contain liquid refrigerants such as freon that are
harmful to the environment, so they must be properly drained before
anything is done. If you plan on taking the DIY approach, make sure
you know what you are doing to avoid potentially breaking the law.
over 15 years, 1-866-We-Junk-It has provided professional junk
removal services and dumpster rentals to New York City and Long
Island. If you have old furniture, appliances, or anything else that
you need a hand getting rid of, we are happy to help! Visit our website for more information or call us for a free quote at
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5 Household Items You Can’t Simply Throw Away

One of
the most common resolutions at the beginning of every year is to
clean and declutter your home. This sends many people into a frenzy, just throwing away everything they see, filling trash bag
after trash bag. While this is acceptable for many household
products, these five things should never be tossed in your garbage
can, under any circumstances.

Old Appliances

Planning on getting rid of an old refrigerator, freezer, or air
conditioner? All of these items contain liquid refrigerants that can
wreak havoc on the environment if they aren’t properly disposed of.
Take them to a nearby recycling center or look up a local appliance
disposal service to handle it for you.


Old electronic devices – including televisions, computers, phones,
cameras, mp3 players and ink cartridges – can be riddled with
toxins such as lead and mercury. Not to mention many of these items
contain valuable metals like silver, gold, and platinum. Recycling these items is good for the environment and can even earn you a few extra dollars.


Even after they are fully discharged, batteries contain corrosive and
toxic chemicals that can contaminate local ecosystems. From big,
bulky car batteries to the smallest of AAAs and watch batteries, none
of them should be thrown away. Call 1-800-8BATTERY to learn how to
properly dispose of them.

Paints & Stains

Got a half a can of paint from when you redesigned your living room?
Even though it’s probably not good to use anymore, it shouldn’t be
tossed in the garbage. The same goes for paint strippers, thinners,
stains, and the brushes used to apply them.

Cleaning Products

Unless you use homemade solutions, the products you use to clean and disinfect your home are filled with toxic chemicals. Flushing these
down the toilet can corrode your pipes and poison the wildlife on the
other end, and throwing them in the garbage can infect local soil and
water supplies.
So, if you can’t throw these items away, what should you do with
them? Call the junk removal experts at 1-866-We-Junk-It! Our
professionals will ensure that your items are properly disposed of
in a matter that is environmentally-safe. If you live on Long Island
or in New York City, call us for a free quote at 866-935-8654.