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5 Household Items You Can’t Simply Throw Away

One of
the most common resolutions at the beginning of every year is to
clean and declutter your home. This sends many people into a frenzy, just throwing away everything they see, filling trash bag
after trash bag. While this is acceptable for many household
products, these five things should never be tossed in your garbage
can, under any circumstances.

Old Appliances

Planning on getting rid of an old refrigerator, freezer, or air
conditioner? All of these items contain liquid refrigerants that can
wreak havoc on the environment if they aren’t properly disposed of.
Take them to a nearby recycling center or look up a local appliance
disposal service to handle it for you.


Old electronic devices – including televisions, computers, phones,
cameras, mp3 players and ink cartridges – can be riddled with
toxins such as lead and mercury. Not to mention many of these items
contain valuable metals like silver, gold, and platinum. Recycling these items is good for the environment and can even earn you a few extra dollars.


Even after they are fully discharged, batteries contain corrosive and
toxic chemicals that can contaminate local ecosystems. From big,
bulky car batteries to the smallest of AAAs and watch batteries, none
of them should be thrown away. Call 1-800-8BATTERY to learn how to
properly dispose of them.

Paints & Stains

Got a half a can of paint from when you redesigned your living room?
Even though it’s probably not good to use anymore, it shouldn’t be
tossed in the garbage. The same goes for paint strippers, thinners,
stains, and the brushes used to apply them.

Cleaning Products

Unless you use homemade solutions, the products you use to clean and disinfect your home are filled with toxic chemicals. Flushing these
down the toilet can corrode your pipes and poison the wildlife on the
other end, and throwing them in the garbage can infect local soil and
water supplies.
So, if you can’t throw these items away, what should you do with
them? Call the junk removal experts at 1-866-We-Junk-It! Our
professionals will ensure that your items are properly disposed of
in a matter that is environmentally-safe. If you live on Long Island
or in New York City, call us for a free quote at 866-935-8654.