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4 Snow Day Home Improvement Projects

came a little late to Long Island this year, but it’s definitely here
now. After a blizzard last month and a couple small storms since,
Nassau and Suffolk County residents can prepare for even more snow
this week.
days don’t mean you should spend the whole time sitting on your
couch, though. Turn your snow day into a go day with these four home
improvement project ideas:


Painting a room can be a long, tedious job – which is why a snow
day is the perfect excuse to get it done. Just make sure to gather
your supplies a day or two ahead of time, unless you already have
extra unopened paint cans lying around.


The internet is FULL of DIY craft ideas. A quick search on Google or
Pinterest can easily keep you occupied for an entire snow day, if not
several. Turn that antique in the attic into a decorative
masterpiece, or upcycle a piece of junk into something useful. The
possibilities are endless.


If you are going to be stuck inside for the entire day, don’t you at
least want to be stuck somewhere clean? Clean the bathroom, under you
bed, the hallway closet, or dust and vacuum the house like you have
been meaning to do for the past two months.


There’s a fine line between cleaning and organizing, but you can’t go
wrong with either when you are snowed in. We all have that one junk
drawer that could stand to be straightened out, or maybe you suddenly
need a map to find the food in your refrigerator. Whatever it is that
you want to organize, pick it and get going!
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