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How to Compare Dumpster Rental Services

Do you
have a big home improvement project or cleanout on the horizon? If
so, something you will have to consider is waste disposal. One of the
most popular options for DIYers is to rent a dumpster because of the
simplicity and convenience they provide – just fill it up and
someone will haul it to the dump for you.
you rent a dumpster, however, you will want to do your research. Not
all dumpster rental services are created equal, and there will likely
be several options in your area to choose from. Here are some
qualities you should look for to separate the good companies from the

Container Sizing

When it comes to dumpsters, one size does not fit all. For instance,
if you are replacing your home’s siding, you will need a bigger
container than if you were just renovating your bathroom. Bigger
containers cost more money, so it is important for a company to
provide different sizing options so that you can get a dumpster big
enough to accommodate your garbage without overpaying for it.


If you are planning a multi-week project, or you need a last-minute
rental, this is an important piece of information. Not all services
will be able to offer lengthy rental periods, and some may require
you to book your delivery a week or two in advance.

Waste Disposal

Once you fill up your dumpster and it is hauled away from your
property, you will likely never think of your garbage again, however,
you should choose a service with a responsible method of disposal.
For example, at 866-We-Junk-It, not all of your garbage goes to the
landfill. We donate all items in good condition to local charities,
and recycle everything that we can. We only throw away that which has
no other use.
If you live in New York City or Long Island and are looking for a
rental dumpster, look no further than 1-866-We-Junk-It – we offer
five different sizing options and can even accommodate same-day
deliveries. Call 866-935-8654 today for a free quote.