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4 Tips to Help You Downsize for a Move

Planning a downsize? Whatever your reason, use these four tips to help you live comfortably in your cozy new space.


Keep a limit on your items.

For items that we have a lot of – such as books, clothes, or collectables – it can be hard to draw the line when enough is enough. In this case, lay out a firm limit for yourself. For example, only as many books fit on the bookshelf, or 8 pairs of pants and 15 shirts.

Use the “1-year” rule.

The one year rule is the definitive guideline for determining whether you should keep something or throw it away. If you have used an item within the past year, it might be worth keeping. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to toss it out.

Opt for multi-purpose items.

If your goal is to save space, doesn’t it make sense to stock up on items with more than one function? For example, an ottoman with built-in storage space or a floor lamp that doubles as a coat hanger.

Have a plan.

Having a plan can help take some of the stress out of downsizing. Once you close on your new home or apartment, make note of how many square feet of space you have to work with – this will determine how much stuff you need to get rid of. Sketch up a floor plan of your new space to help you visualize it better if you need to.

Looking for more downsizing tips? Check out this article from!

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How to Downsize for a Move

comes a time in many of our lives where we have to downsize. Whether
you are starting off college in a dorm, moving in with your significant
other, or trading in your spacious home for a more cozy apartment,
sometimes you just can’t take all of your stuff with you.

that’s okay. At 866-We-Junk-It, we are experts in getting rid of
junk, so we are here to help you. This is how to downsize as quickly and painlessly as possible:
Decide what is truly
there was only one rule to downsizing, this is it. Figure out what
you can and cannot live without, and pack accordingly. If you are
having trouble deciding whether something is worth keeping, ask
yourself these two questions:
  • Have
    I used it within the past year?
  • If
    I lost everything I own in a fire, would I bother replacing this
Move quickly and move
wait until moving day to start the process – this will only
overwhelm you and lead to one of two things: keeping a bunch of stuff
you don’t need, or throwing out a bunch of stuff you do. Start the
downsizing process as soon as you plan your move, and once you decide
something is garbage, get rid of it as soon as possible before second
thoughts kick in.
Give your old stuff a
second life…
maybe even make some money doing it. Just because you don’t have a
use for something, it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. Host a
tag sale or use websites such as eBay and Craigslist to sell your goods which are still in working condition. If no one wants to
buy them, donate them to a local charity or thrift shop. Only throw
away that which has no other use.
help downsizing your home? The junk removal professionals at
866-We-Junk-It are happy to assist you! We offer junk removal
services, or you can rent a dumpster and fill it yourself if you are more of the DIY-type.
We serve all of Long Island and New York City, so call us today for a
free quote at 866-935-8654.
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The 5 Best Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

common complaint from homeowners is that they have too much stuff.
Whether you want to downsize, simplify, or are just tired of looking
at all of your junk, decluttering your house is a rewarding project
that gives the gift of space and serenity.
isn’t easy though, it takes time, effort, and persistence. Use the
following five tips, courtesy of 1-866-We-Junk-It, to make your
decluttering project as easy as possible.
1. Take it one step at a
Rome took more than a day, and so will decluttering your house.
Decluttering is about more than just throwing away your old junk, it
is a conscious effort to live a more simple life. Avoid overwhelming
yourself by taking your declutter step-by-step; break up your home
into individual rooms and focus on cleaning one area at a time.
2. Start big.
your biggest messes first. Not only will this give you the momentum
and motivation to push through the rest of your house, it will
prevent you from dealing with the hardest stuff when you are already
3. Finish one area before
moving on.
biggest mistake that people make when they are trying to declutter
their home is trying to do everything at once. They will clean a
little bit of their bedroom, then move on to their kitchen for an
hour then start working on the basement. Soon enough, they will get
frustrated that nothing is clean and just give up altogether. Prevent
this from happening to you by completely finishing one area before
moving on to the next. Clean the closet in your bedroom, then the
dresser, then under the bed and everywhere else in the room before
starting work on the kitchen.
4. Use the three-box
three-box (or two box and a trash can) method is an easy way to sort
your belongings into three categories: items to keep, items to
donate/sell, and items to throw away. Worry about placing all of your
stuff in one of these three boxes before anything else, and check out
this article on how to host a successful tag sale so you can make
some money off of your old junk.
5. You can’t do
everything alone.
you need to call in for reinforcements. Whether it is friends,
family, or a professional junk removal service, the extra set of
hands is certainly helpful, as old furniture and appliances can be
too heavy to move alone.
If you
live in New York and are planning a home decluttering project, do it
with the help of 1-866-We-Junk-It. Whether you need a rental dumpster
or help from professional junk removers, we can help ensure that your
project goes as smoothly as possible. Click here to visit our website
or call us at 1-866-935-8654.