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3 Storage Tips To Straighten Up Any Garage

garage was made for more than just parking your car, and it certainly
wasn’t designed to be a semi-organized landfill for your unused junk.
If you’ve got some organization problems in your garage, these three
tips can help clear it up.

Use PVC pipes to
organize your gardening tools

Gardening rakes, shovels, hoes, and brooms all have very long
handles, which can make storing and organizing them a chore. A little
bit of PVC pipe can take care of this. Just cut it into small
portions, drill it into your wall, and voila – a convenient storage
solution for your long-handled tools. Click here for step-by-step

Overhead sliding
storage for your bins

homeowners like to keep some of their extra stuff in those big,
plastic bins. While they are a flexible storage option that can
accommodate a variety of items, they can also take up a lot of
precious floor space. The solution: install an overhead storage
system where the bins can easily slide in and out. Click here to find
out how to do this simple DIY project.

your small items in mailboxes

Hanging up a few mailboxes on the inside of the garage is a quick and
easy solution for all of those small items that can clutter up a
drawer or a desk top. Just screw them into your wall, and start
storing! You can even use a stencil and paint to designate what each
box is for (ex: cleaning supplies, tools, etc.).
course, to use any of these tips, your garage can’t be packed to the
brim with junk. If you need help getting rid of the extra garbage in
your garage, give the professional junk removers at 866 We Junk It a
call. We offer rental dumpsters and clean out services to homeowners
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