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Steps To An Easy Garage Cleanout

many homeowners, their garage has become a storage warehouse for
their old stuff. So much so, in fact, that there is not even enough
room to park the car. If this sounds like your home, fear not – it
is easy to get rid of the junk and make some extra room, it just
takes a little bit of time and effort.
Here is
your 5-step plan for a successful garage cleanout:
  1. Set aside a weekend.
    If your garage is bursting at
    the seams with your old junk, cleaning it is no short task. It will
    probably take at least one whole day, but play it safe and set aside
    an entire weekend dedicated to getting your garage clean.
  1. Arrange a dumpster
    In order to make room
    in your garage, some stuff has got to go. But where will it go?
    There is no way it’s all going to fit in your trash cans, so you
    will need to contact a local dumpster company and arrange a rental.
    If you live in Long Island or New York City, 1-866-We-Junk-It is
    your best option.
  1. Move everything to
    the driveway.
    Your clean out
    has to start somewhere, and moving everything out of the garage will
    give you a blank canvas. When you are moving out all of your stuff,
    separate it into two piles in the driveway: the stuff you will keep,
    and the stuff you will throw away.
  1. Clean the garage
    While the garage is
    completely empty, take this time to clean the floor; it is probably
    the best opportunity you will ever have to do it. Sweep up loose
    debris and take care of any oil stains that may have been hiding
    underneath old boxes.
  1. Organize and
    Now that your garage
    is perfectly clean and completely empty, the only thing to do is
    refill it with the stuff you plan to keep. Don’t just throw
    everything wherever it will fit though, come up with an organization
    scheme that keeps your garage open and neat. Now, just throw
    everything else in the dumpster, and call the rental provider to
    come pick it up and haul it away. You’re done!
that sound like too much work for you? Let the professional junk
removers at 1-866-We-Junk-It give you a hand! While we do provide
rental dumpsters for those with the DIY spirit, we also offer clean
out services for jobs too big to handle alone. We serve all of Long
Island and the boroughs of New York City, call us for a free quote at