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Preparing for a Garage Sale: A Comprehensive Checklist

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you are looking
to get rid of your old stuff and make some money while doing it, you
should host a garage sale. Although they seem easy to plan, missing
just one or two steps could be the difference between a successful
sale and a complete bust.
Use this checklist when planning your upcoming garage sale to ensure
you take all the necessary steps for a prosperous endeavor.
Weeks Prior
  • Set a date and time for your sale.
  • Decide what items you will be selling.
  • Check local laws and regulations for yard sales.
Week Prior
  • Arrange to borrow or rent folding tables, if necessary.
  • Clean and repair sale items.
  • Price all sale items and organize them into separate piles.
  • Buy needed supplies and make signage to place around your
  • Advertise your garage sale in local newspapers and online sites such
    as Craigslist.
Day Prior
  • Go to the bank and get change.
  • Gather bags, boxes, packaging material for fragile items, etc.
  • Decide where you will post signs.
  • Post about the sale on your social media accounts.
  • Post signs around your neighborhood.
  • Set up your sales area (give yourself at least two hours to do
  • Add music and refreshments to make it more enjoyable for shoppers.
the Sale
  • Count money and deposit it into the bank, if necessary.
  • Put away unsold items, donate them to charity, put them on the curb
    with a “FREE” sign, or throw them away.
  • Take down signs.
Following these steps ensures that you will be ready for your garage
sale, but if you really want to make it as successful as
possible, check out these five tips.
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