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Common Home Storage Problems and How to Deal With Them

our homes is something that almost all of us struggle with. No matter
how hard you try, your home just isn’t big enough to store all of
your stuff. Some areas in particular are more problematic than others; here is how
to deal with some of the most common storage problems you will run

Too Many Clothes to Fit
in the Closet
Many of
our closets are overflowing with an assortment of pants, shirts, and
jackets – much of which we will probably never wear again. But if
purging your wardrobe is out of the question, there are ways to make
everything fit. Cascading clothes hangers, such as the Wonder Hanger,
help you fit more stuff in your closet by maximizing vertical
Unorganized Refrigerator
you come home from the grocery store, do you just stick your food
wherever it will fit? If you don’t have a method of organization, not
only will your food be hard to find, it could spoil quicker. Keep all
raw meat and dairy products on the bottom shelf, this area is coldest
so it will keep them fresh for longer. The door is the warmest area,
so reserve it for items resistant to spoiling such as bottled water,
condiments, and dressings.
Holiday Items
something that only gets used once per year, holiday items and create
quite the headache when it comes to storage options. Tree ornaments can
be kept in egg cartons, they are stackable, space-efficient and
provide extra protection. String lights can also be a hassle; prevent
them from becoming a tangled mess by wrapping them around a flat
piece of cardboard. As far as wrapping paper goes, store your rolls
upright in an unused garbage can.
Old Junk Overtaking
Basement, Garage, Attic, Etc…
happens to the best of us. What once started as a discarded item or
two eventually becomes a mountain of junk that overtakes the entire
basement, attic, garage, or shed. If this sounds familiar, help is
available. Some of these items (such as old furniture) might be too
heavy to move alone, and not everyone can devote a whole weekend to
cleaning out their house. Luckily, junk removal services exist so you
can pay someone else to do it for you.
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