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5 Things You Need to Clean Before Winter

As the
leaves continue to fall from the trees, we are reminded every day that winter
is closer and closer. Just as we have to mentally prepare
ourselves to deal with the upcoming frigid temperatures, there are
things we must do to prepare our homes as well.
are five things that you should clean before winter is


trees are close to bare, but not all the leaves that fall end up in
your yard. Many of them collect in your gutters, and if you don’t
clean them out now, you will regret it in a few months. If your
gutters are clogged with leaves, the melting snow on your roof will
have nowhere to drain, leading to problems such as ice dams and
ceiling leaks.


air filters and coils on your furnace could hurt its energy
efficiency and cause a spike in your heating bills. Call a local HVAC
company now and give your heating system a tune-up; the technician will clean the
various components in your furnace and inspect them for signs of
future problems. Remember to replace or clean your air filter every month
or two.


All the
snow, slush, and salt that your shoes drag into your home can really
take a toll on your carpeting and hardwood floors. Combat this by
renting a steamer and deep cleaning your carpets. Your hardwood
floors should also be thoroughly cleaned and waxed to minimize
potential damage.


If you
haven’t had your chimney professionally cleaned in a few years, the
inside of it could be covered in creosote. Not only is this a fire
hazard, it also prevents carbon monoxide from escaping your home.
Carbon monoxide is undetectable without special equipment and too
much of it in your home can be fatal.


If your
garage is too packed with junk to fit your vehicle, you should
consider cleaning it before snowfall. Having an enclosed space to
park your car during the winter will help prevent it from taking a
beating from the harsh weather.
If you
need a hand cleaning out your garage, give the junk removal experts
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