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5 Signs That Something is Junk

To trash, or not to trash? That is the question. If you are cleaning out
your home and debating whether or not something should be thrown
away, look for these five signs that it is nothing but junk.
1. You Haven’t Used it in
Over a Year
This is
the golden rule when you are debating whether or not you should throw
something out. If you haven’t used it within the past 12 months, be
honest with yourself, when will you ever use it? This rule applies to
everything in the home, but is especially relevant to clothes and
2. You Have A Newer
have a Blu-Ray player, a DVD player, and a VCR. An iPod, a CD player,
and a Walkman. Several years-worth of cell phones ranging from the
newest iPhone all the way back to the Nokia brick – you get the
picture. If you have a newer, better version (or two or three of
them), there is no point hanging on to the old one; donate it to
someone in need.
3. It is Broken or
Missing a Part
What is
the point of keeping something that doesn’t work? It could be an
incomplete set of golf clubs in the basement or something as small as
a deck of 49 cards; if it has reached the end of its useful life,
it’s time to throw it away.
4. The Space it Takes Up
Is More Valuable Than It Is
If your
attic or basement looks more like a storage warehouse than a part of
your home, it’s time to do a clean out. Big, bulky items that take up
tons of space but serve no purpose in your daily life should be the
first things to go.
5. It Has Expired
dates are for more than just food. Medicine, makeup, and batteries
can all go bad after sitting around for too long, don’t let them
consume your cabinets and drawers.
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