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Dumpster Loading Tips

loaded properly, rental dumpsters can hold a lot of waste and be a
completely safe process. However, poor loading technique can not only
present potential safety hazards, it can waste valuable space and
even force you into renting a second dumpster. Use these tips to make
renting your next dumpster as smooth as possible.

  • Keep
    the path from the worksite to the dumpster as short as possible and
    clear of tripping hazards.
  • Avoid
    loading the dumpster above the indicated maximum fill line.
  • Load
    the dumpster evenly to distribute weight and prevent tipping.
  • Always
    wear proper safety equipment: gloves, boots, and a form of eye
  • Try
    to make the debris inside the dumpster as compact as possible. Large
    gaps or empty spaces can cause items to dangerously shift when the
    dumpster is picked up.
  • Do
    not get in the dumpster and jump on debris in an attempt to compact
  • Break
    things down before throwing them away to make an efficient use of
  • Do
    not throw debris in the dumpster if someone is inside of it.
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