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What You Need to Know About Illegal Dumping

dumping has become a rising problem in our country, with many
perpetrators venturing off in the middle of the night to unlawfully
dispose of their unwanted waste. Due to the danger that illegal
dumping poses on the environment, many state and local governments
are cracking down and prosecuting offenders.
below to learn more about what illegal dumping is, the consequences
you may face if caught, and how to avoid committing the crime all

What is Illegal Dumping?

constitutes illegal dumping can vary from state to state, and even
town to town, but generally speaking, it is disposing of your waste
without a permit in an unauthorized area. Some examples of this
  • Dumping
    waste on private or public property which is not licensed to receive
  • Dumping
    waste where it can damage the environment, such as in sewers or
dumping usually occurs because people feel that proper disposal is
“too inconvenient”, or they do not want to pay the fee associated
with it.
is the difference between illegal dumping and littering?
this can vary depending on state and local laws, but illegal dumping
is typically differentiated from littering based on the volume and
type of waste. Tossing an empty water bottle on the side of the road,
for example, is usually considered littering, whereas disposing of an
old refrigerator or several bags of trash could land you an offense
for illegal dumping.

What are the Consequences
of Illegal Dumping?

on the type of waste and how much of it you dispose of, illegal
dumping could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Possible
penalties include:
  • Remediation and
    may be required to clean up your waste and pay for any damage caused
    by it.
  • Community
    may be required to work unpaid for a designated amount of hours at a
    court-approved charity.
  • Probation.
    terms could include regular meetings with a probation officer,
    attending counseling, and restrictions on when/where you can travel.
  • Fines. You
    may be required to pay a certain amount, sometimes thousands of
  • Incarceration.
    right, you can even go to prison. If you are put on trial for a
    felony and found guilty, your jail time could be multiple years.
more information about illegal dumping penalties, check out this
article from Criminal Defense Lawyer.

How to Avoid Dumping

easiest way to avoid illegal dumping is by hiring a licensed waste
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