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5 Household Products You Didn’t Know Expire

All good things must come to an end. This age-old quote is true in
just about every aspect of life, including our household products.
Nearly everything we own has an expiration date, whether we know it
or not. So before you stock up on your favorite on-sale products,
make sure that they won’t go bad before you get a chance to use them.
Here are five common household products that you didn’t know expire.
If you still have a pile of batteries leftover from your Y2K
preparation, chances are they are no longer good. From the moment
they are manufactured, batteries immediately begin losing small
amounts of energy. Your old batteries could be completely depleted by
the time you use them if you wait too long.
Many of us have bottles upon bottles of cleaning products under our
sinks – when was the last time you used some of them? According to
Money Talks News, most soaps, detergents, and other cleaning
solutions begin to lose potency after a year or two.
When you first moved into your home, you cracked open a can of paint
and coated your walls with the color of your choice. Then you sealed
that paint can back up, and never touched it again. By the time your
next renovation comes around, this paint will probably have already
gone bad.
For certain types of make-up, it doesn’t take long before they
accumulate so much bacteria that they are no longer safe to use.
Mascara is the shortest of them all, with a lifespan of three months.
Lipsticks, brushes and powders should all be replaced every 12-18
Stocking up on bottled water for the apocalypse? Better think twice.
Believe it or not, bottled water actually has an expiration date. How
is that possible? The water itself doesn’t actually go bad, but
rather the plastic bottle can begin releasing chemicals into the
water if you wait too long to drink it.
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