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When Should You Hire A Professional Junk Remover?

you are starting a remodeling project or cleaning out your home in an
effort to declutter, waste disposal is something you will have to
consider. Some of these jobs can be done completely on your own, but
others may require another set of hands – a professional set of
are five scenarios where it may be better to hire a professional
junk remover, rather than trying to do it yourself.

You don’t own a pickup

If you don’t already own a truck, getting your waste to the dump is
borderline impossible. Unless you have a friend or family member that
is willing to lend you theirs for free, you are going to need to rent
one anyways – you may as well put that money towards a junk removal
service and save yourself the trouble of loading and unloading your

You have a LOT of

Even if you do have a pickup truck, it may not be big enough to
accommodate all of the junk leftover from your project. Who wants to
spend an entire day loading their truck beds, driving to the dump,
unloading, then driving back to do it all over again?

The job requires heavy

If you have old furniture, appliances, or other heavy items, moving
them can not only be difficult, but it puts you at risk for an injury.
Know your personal limits and don’t try to do too much – your sense
of pride is not worth a herniated disc.

You live far from the

All of us are not fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough, depending
how you look at it) to have a dump down the street. If you live miles
and miles away from the nearest landfill, it can cost you a lot of
time and gas to go yourself – especially if it requires multiple
trips. You also need to have a permit, which usually costs money.

You have items that
require special disposal.

Believe it or not, even landfills have regulations. Some items –
such as paints, batteries, and even refrigerators – require special
disposal, and you might not meet these requirements without a little bit of help. Many junk removal
services will take care of these items for you.
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