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What You Need to Know About Dumpster Diving

man’s trash is another man’s treasure,

as the old adage says, but this saying has been taken to a completely
new level in today’s day and age. With the rising popularity of
dumpster diving, people everywhere are giving thrown-away goods a
second life.
take a closer look at the activity of dumpster diving, why people do
it, and what risks are associated with it.
What is dumpster diving?
diving is the practice of foraging through residential and commercial
garbage to find food, clothing, furniture, electronics, and other
goods which are still in working condition.
Why do people dumpster
are a number of reasons why people engage in dumpster diving. Often
times, it is out of economic necessity – for those living in
poverty, a dumpster can provide a wealth of free items that they
could not afford otherwise.
people do it to make some extra money; returning recyclable bottles
and cans could yield an extra $50 a day if you are willing to load up
several garbage bags worth of containers. Some people take the goods
that they find and sell them on eBay or Craigslist for some quick
diving is becoming more and more popular in the green community,
especially with “freegans” who aim to eliminate their ecological
impact by living strictly off of others’ discarded items. Other
reasons people dumpster dive include donating their findings to the
less fortunate, academic research for garbologists, and seeking out
useful information for private investigators and police officers.
Are there risks
associated with dumpster diving?
If you
plan on dumpster diving, there are risks that you should be aware of,
the first being the legality of it. Some states and towns have passed
bills which explicitly outlaw dumpster diving. Even if the action of
going through someone’s trash isn’t illegal in your area, be
aware that you can still get ticketed or even arrested for
trespassing or littering if you do not clean up after yourself.
risks are also a big concern for dumpster divers. There is no telling
what you could find in a trash container, including broken glass and
other sharp objects. If you cut yourself in the process of dumpster
diving, there is a good chance that your wound could get infected due
to the germy environment of garbage containers.
other words, dumpster dive at your own risk!
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