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Renting a Dumpster for Roofing Shingles? Read This First.

If you
are planning on replacing your home’s roofing shingles, there are
many things you have to take into consideration. Finding the right
shingles and the right contractor to install them should be at the
top of your priority list, closely followed by the disposal of your
old shingles.
If your
roofing company doesn’t include the haul-away of your old shingles,
you could find yourself in a last-minute bind. Prevent this from
happening to you by ordering a ready-to-load rental dumpster at the
start of your roofing project.
If you
are renting a dumpster to dispose of old roofing shingles, here’s
what you need to know.
Roofing Squares
In the
roofing industry, the preferred unit of measurement is a “square”,
which is equal to 100 square feet. So, if you have a 4,000 square
foot roof, you will have 40 squares of shingles to replace.
Understanding this and effectively communicating it to your dumpster
rental provider will help them recommend the container that is the
right size for your project.
Shingle Weight
are a very heavy material, which is important to know because almost
every dumpster rental company has a strict weight capacity on their
containers. Staying under this limit is necessary in order to avoid
getting hit with extra fees and charges.
are two common types of roofing shingles; 3-Tab and Architectural.
3-Tab shingles are the more economical option, and weigh about 250
lbs. per square. The premium Architectural shingles weigh in at about
400 lbs. per square.
are the dumpster sizes we recommend for each shingle type:

3-Tab Shingles

  • 20
    square of shingles – 10 yard dumpster
  • 40
    square of shingles – 20 yard dumpster
  • 60
    square of shingles – 30 yard dumpster

Architectural Shingles

  • 20
    square of shingles – 15 yard dumpster
  • 40
    square of shingles – 30 yard dumpster
  • 60
    square of shingles – 40+ yard dumpster
right size will vary depending on your provider’s weight limits, so
always make sure to ask what they are when you are shopping around!
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