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Re-Shingling Your Roof? Here’s What You Need to Know

is a popular season for home improvement projects on Long Island. One
of the top things that homeowners do during this time of the year is
replace their roof. Harsh winter conditions can their toll on your
shingles, and it is a good idea to replace them before the spring
showers hit.
If you
are planning on re-shingling your roof, these three decisions should
be at the top of your priority list:
  1. Determine
    what type of shingle you will use.
  2. Find
    a qualified contractor to get the job done (unless you plan on doing
    it yourself).
  3. Figure
    out how you are going to dispose of your old shingles.
If you are reroofing your home by yourself, one of the biggest
challenges you will face is getting rid of your old shingles. Even if
you hire a contractor, you will want to clarify who is responsible
for this part of the job. Weighing up to 400 pounds per square (a
roofing term used to signify 100 square feet), shingles are very
heavy and will likely require professional help to dispose of.
In most cases, the best option for getting rid of your shingles is
renting a dumpster. In order to avoid overloading it, it is important
that you get a container that is properly sized to accommodate your
home’s roof.
Here are the dumpster sizes that we recommend for two of the most
popular shingle types – 3-tab and architectural:
  • 20 square of shingles – 10 yard dumpster
  • 40 square of shingles – 20 yard dumpster
  • 60 square of shingles – 30 yard dumpster
  • 20 square of shingles – 15 yard dumpster
  • 40 square of shingles – 30 yard dumpster
  • 60 square of shingles – 40+ yard dumpster
Different dumpster rental providers have different weight limits, so
it is important to know these numbers beforehand in order to avoid
getting slammed with extra charges.
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