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5 Tips to a Successful Spring Cleaning

the snow in New York, spring officially starts tomorrow and warm
weather isn’t too far behind. This is the time of the year
when every homeowner makes a list of cleaning projects that they
swear will get done – and it often the same last year’s list. Use
the following tips to make this spring your most successful cleaning
season yet.
Start Early
early is the number one way to ensure a successful spring cleaning.
After you figure out what you want to get done, start doing it as
soon as possible. If you are waiting for the weather to warm up, take
care of the inside chores first.
Start Big
If you
really want to get going with your spring cleaning, tackle the
biggest project on your list first. Getting it out of the way means
that you don’t have to do the hardest thing last, after you are
already tired from the smaller tasks. It will also give you the
confidence and motivation to complete your other chores because you
know that it will only get easier.
Clean Your Gutters
all of the snow has finally melted, it’s a good idea to climb up your
ladder and give your gutters a good cleaning. April showers not only
bring May flowers, they will bring leaky roofs and mold problems if
your gutters can’t properly drain.
Don’t Forget The Drawers
drawers and cabinets in your home are often neglected and hardly
cleaned because all you need to do is close them to make the mess go
away. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t
there. Clear out your kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, and
clothes drawers once per year to make room for new items.
Leave It to the Pros
easiest way to spring clean is by not doing it. If you live in New
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