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4 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Home

year, thousands of homeowners make a resolution to get rid of the
clutter in their homes. If spring cleaning will be coming early for
you in 2015, use these tips to make your home clean-out as efficient
as possible.

Use the one year rule.
deciding what should stay in your house and what should go, follow
the one year rule. The rule is simple: if you haven’t used something
in a year, get rid of it. Be honest with yourself, if you haven’t
used an item in a full 365 days, what are the chances you will ever
use it again? Is the small chance you will one day need it worth the
space that it is taking up in your home? The answer is no, so throw
it away and forget about it.
Take baby steps.
out one room can feel overwhelming, let alone your entire house. If
the clutter is too much for you, break your house down into small
portions. Focus on one room at a time, and then break the individual
rooms into smaller pieces. For example, if you are cleaning a
bedroom, first focus on the closet, then under the bed, then the
dresser, etc. Just work piece by piece until the entire room is
sorted and cleaned, then move on to the next one. Before you know it,
your house will be as clean as it was the day you moved in!
When in doubt, throw it
you ever heard the rule of clothes shopping that states, “if you
don’t absolutely love it in the store, don’t buy it because you won’t
wear it”? This rule is similar to that, but it applies to cleaning
out your home. When sorting through all of your possessions, is
inevitable that you will pick something up and not know whether to
put it in the “keep” pile or the trash can. If you are not
absolutely positive that you will use the item again, odds are good
that you probably won’t, so toss it out or donate it to charity.
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