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5 Essentials for a Successful Block Party

is quickly approaching, and Long Island residents are looking for
exciting ways to spend the last days of summer. While vacations are
one way to do this, hosting a block party is a way to have a great
time without leaving the comfort of your neighborhood.
If you
are planning on throwing a block party for your community, here are
five things you need to have:
  1. Necessary Permits.
    The first thing you will want
    to do when planning a block party is check with your local
    government to see if you need a permit. Permits may be required if
    you are hosting the party on public property (such as a street or a
    park), if alcohol is being consumed, or if you are using audio
  2. Great Food.
    Delicious food is fundamental
    in any good block party. Buy food that can easily be cooked in large
    quantities on a grill, and make sure you have at least one option
    for those who may be vegetarian or allergic to gluten.
  3. Entertainment. For
    a neighborhood block party, you will want to have entertainment for
    guests of all ages. Music is a must, and other fun activities could
    include water balloon fights, carnival games, balloon twisters,
    magicians, or even a petting zoo.
  4. Bathrooms. Although
    these are an absolute necessity, they are easy to forget about.
    Unless you want everyone at the party to use your home’s bathroom,
    you will want to rent a handful of porta-potties so your guests have
    a place to relieve themselves.
  5. Method of Garbage
    Waste management is
    another factor that often goes under the radar. Many people don’t
    even think about it until they have a mound of paper plates, cups,
    and food scraps to dispose of. Do yourself a favor and rent a
    dumpster for your block party, it is an effective, convenient
    solution for all of your garbage needs.
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