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Weekly Chore Schedule to Keep Your House Clean

you ever gone without cleaning your home for just a little too
long? Once your house gets messy, restoring it can take a lot of time
and effort. So how can you prevent that from happening to you? Don’t
let it get messy in the first place!
a clean home seems like a full-time job in itself, but it doesn’t
have to be. By dividing your chores into manageable chunks, you can
keep your house spotless with only 15 minutes of work each day.
Here’s how:
  • Sunday – Laundry
    Prepare yourself for the
    week by taking care of all of your home’s laundry. This includes
    your clothes, towels, bedsheets, etc.
  • Monday – Bathroom.
    Give your bathroom a
    full-service cleaning including the mirror, sink, toilet, and
  • Tuesday – Organize
    Pick something,
    and don’t stop until it’s completely organized. It could be your
    dresser, refrigerator, medicine cabinet, car, spice rack or anything
    else in your home that could use a little arrangement.
  • Wednesday –
    From the bathroom to
    the bedroom, use this day to take care of all necessary sweeping,
    mopping, vacuuming, and Swiffer-ing.
  • Thursday –
    Give your kitchen a
    deep clean which includes sanitizing all countertops and cleaning
    your appliances.
  • Friday – Tidy Up &
    Reward yourself for a
    hard week’s work by quickly dusting and tidying up your home. If
    Sunday’s laundry never made its way to the dresser or your coffee
    table is a bit cluttered, use this day to tidy it up.
  • Saturday –
    Use this day to
    prepare for the next week by running any errands you need to, such
    as grocery shopping or restocking your cleaning supplies.
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