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Why You Should Avoid Dumpster Brokers

If you
are planning a home clean out or remodeling project, you have
probably considered a short-term dumpster rental. Rental dumpsters
are convenient and save you the time and gas it would take to make
multiple trips to your local dump; in fact even the smallest of
dumpsters can hold enough waste to fill the beds of three pickup
searching for a rental dumpster, you should only deal with local
rental dumpster companies. You are
probably thinking, “Well, that’s obvious. Who else would
I use?
you are conducting an online search to find a rental dumpster
provider in your area, you are potentially opening the door for
middlemen known as “dumpster brokers”. Even when you search for
providers in your town, you could find yourself on the website of a
broker who is based on the other side of the country.
dumpster brokers don’t own any trucks or dumpsters themselves, but
rather intercept your business and take a cut of the profits. They
take your heavily marked-up payment then contact a local company who
could have provided you with the same container for far less. The
typical dumpster broker will increase prices anywhere from 10% to
doubling the cost! Their websites use terminology such as “best
prices in town” or “affordable dumpster rentals”, but these
false statements are aimed at taking advantage of inexperienced
out for the following signs that you could be dealing with a dumpster
  • There
    is no local phone number on their website, just a toll-free.
  • Their
    website may not have a phone number at all, just a form to fill out.

  • The
    website may ask you for your zip code before providing a price.
you are suspicious that you may be dealing with a middleman, ask for
their local address so you can view the storage containers in person.
If they don’t give it out, assume it is a broker and move on.
of New York City and Long Island can be assured that they are dealing
with a local, family-owned company when they contact
1-866-We-Junk-It. For over 15 years, we have provided rental
dumpsters and clean out services to homes and businesses in New York.
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