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What NOT To Do With Your Old Junk

Do you
have a steadily-growing collection of junk that is beginning to take
over your basement or garage? It’s time to do something about it –
just make sure it’s not one of these things.
DON’T Illegally Dump It
might be tempted to head out in the middle of the night and abandon
your stuff on the side of the road somewhere. Maybe it will be easier
than doing things the right way, but that is called “illegal dumping”, and it can lead to a serious fine and maybe even jail
DON’T Burn It
the thought of properly disposing of everything is stressing you out
a little bit. What if you just made a big pile out of your garbage,
set it on fire, and invited your friends over for a bonfire? Don’t do
that – not only are you releasing tons of toxins into the air, you
are also breaking the law.
DON’T Keep It
it is not illegal, keeping it is almost as bad of an option as the
other two. You have finally made the choice to declutter your home
and get rid of your unused junk, don’t turn back now.
So what
should you do with your stuff?
  • Sell it. Host
    a tag sale or head to online sites like eBay to get money for your
    old stuff.
  • Recycle it. Do
    you have junk that could be recycled? If so, do the green thing and
    give it a second life.
  • Donate it. If
    your stuff is still in workable condition, give it to someone in
    need. They will use it more than you will.
  • Have someone else
    take care of it.
    Too much work
    for you? Let someone else do it! Hire a professional junk remover
    and relax while they do all the work.
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